Computer G TOT

The calculator “g tot” determines quickly solar factor by establishing a limited number of factors (total transmittance of glass “g“, thermal transmittance of glass “Ug“, transmitting tissue index “TS” and tissue absorption index “As“).

Computer applications “g tot” è that of the external shielding system installations all infix and ‘ refers to the formula in section 5.1 UNI EN 13363-1 ” calculation of solar transmittance and bright – Part 1: Simplified method “.

The calculator “g tot” Pu ò be used to determine the value of the total solar transmittance ” gGL + sh  referred to ” Decree 26 June 2015″ minimum requirements .

This tool uses the simplified procedure described in the UNI EN 13363-1, easy to use but with a greater degree of approximation.

For an accurate calculation pi ù, and more complex, refer to the specifications on the UNI EN 13363-2 ” calculation of solar transmittance and bright – Part 2: Detailed calculation method “.

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