Computer G TOT

The calculator “g tot” determines the solar factor by establishing a limited number of factors (total transmittance of glass “g“, thermal transmittance of glass “Ug“, transmitting tissue index “TS” and tissue absorption index “As“).

The field of application of this “g tot” calculator is related to the installation of external shielding systems outside the window frame. The applied formula is included in section 5.1 UNI EN 13363-1 ” Calculation of solar and light transmittance – Part 1: Simplified method “.

The calculator “g tot” can be used to determine the value of the total solar transmittance ” gGL + sh. Its minimum requirements are described in the ”Decree 26 June 2015″.

This tool uses the simplified procedure described in the UNI EN 13363-1, easy to use but with a greater degree of approximation.

For an accurate calculation, it is possible to apply more complex specifications described on the UNI EN 13363-2 ” Calculation of solar and light transmittance – Part 2: Detailed calculation method “.

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